Panache Cyclewear, Co.

Why We Exist

Our Mission: Go Beyond Category.™

In cycling’s grandest and most storied race, the Tour de France, the mountain climbs are rated by category from 4, the easiest, to HC or Hor’s Categorie, which means “beyond category”. These HC climbs are long, steep, unrelenting and usually come after several climbs earlier on the day. In other words, they are beyond difficult. At Panache, we use this as a our calling. We go beyond category. On rides, yes – we have BC climbs here in Colorado, a lot of them. But also, we go beyond category in other ways from our style and fashion sense that break the norm to our paradigm breaking light weight trail wear that has re-invented a category.

Our Vision: to create lifestyle wear for cyclists.

We are not satisfied with creating and making only the clothing that you use on your bike. No, we will not stop there. Cyclists need for sweet “kit” doesn’t end when we click out of our pedals. It continues 24/7. Our vision is to create cool wearables for cyclists that extends beyond our on-the-bike endeavors. Post ride, yes. Pre-Race, yup. Hanging out with friends, check. We cyclists have unique needs – we are active people, we move a lot, we are used to wearing bold clothes. We need special kit on the bike AND off!

Our mission and our vision are aligned. Go Beyond Category. It’s the way we ride. It’s how we live. It’s in our clothing. We are cyclists. We go beyond category.™

Panache defined:

In a grand manner, with flair, above and beyond, done with grace.