Panache Cyclewear, Co.

Panache defined: In a grand manner, with flair, above and beyond, done with grace.

At Panache, we believe in true grit and the grimace of a day well spent. We believe in dedication and hard work. We believe in the pursuit of dreams. We believe that cycling is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle.

A lifestyle that encompasses the bike, the ride, the friends we make, the competitors we encounter. It’s a lifestyle full of stories shared, both on the bike and off. It’s cafes and coffee; it’s food enjoyed and spirits imbibed. It’s a lifestyle full of epic journeys, both daily and over a lifetime. In short, it’s about the Ride, both literally and figuratively; and it ain’t always an easy one… but it is the one we love.

Why We Exist

Our Mission: To continually challenge the status quo by innovating and creating products that help cyclists ride, explore, and challenge themselves.

Who We Are

Panache crewWe are a group of guys and gals who love the Ride. We are inspired by racing and by the epic routes that racing takes, from cobbled roads and tree lined avenues to the highest roads that awe you on the way up and put the fear in you on the way down.

We also view cycling as not just a sport, but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is about the Ride: exploring roads and trails less traveled; the exhilaration that comes with descending a switchbacks, the challenge of a not so perfect surface.

And its about the people: friends and teammates to share a ride, or hammer on each other at each and every town sign. To drink a beer or toast a ride well ridden at the end of the day.

And its about pushing our own limits and finding meaning in that challenge.

Cycling is a lifestyle and we at Panache live it. We hope you do, too.

What We do

Panache Cyclewear make exceptional clothing that is purposefully engineered for its intended use. (We make cool kit* for cyclists.)

* Kit: anything a cyclists wears, on or off the bike, that remotely matches, or had thought in its choosing.